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Zinc phosphate – based corrosion inhibiting additive is a white synthetic inorganic pigment created for manufacturing anticorrosive paints and varnishes based on alkyd, epoxy, acrylic resins, water-borne as well as solvent-borne. Interacting with oxygen it creates a phosphate-based complex which protects metal from rusting.


    • Non-toxic

    • Free of unwanted color

    • Can be used in primers and ground coats of any color

    • When combined with a painting system, the product does not cause unwanted side effects

    • Creates protective layer on a metal substrate

    • Unlike organic corrosion inhibitors, the film coating exhibits a lasting anticorrosive effect


It is suitable for paints, resins, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, amino acids, acrylates, and rubber. Due to its low refractive power, it can be used to finish paints and primers. Easy color bendability. Good corrosion resistance.

We can always offer you the required amount of zinc phosphate; large volumes of the product are supplied at discounts.