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REACH certificate on demand


KRONPHOS PZA is a zinc and aluminum orthophosphate with improved phosphate loading. It allows to achieve a controlled increase of inhibiting water-soluble content and, consequently, better formation of protective layers on various metal surfaces.


- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly product

- Being free of unwanted colour, the product can be used in primers and ground coats of any colour

- When introduced into a painting system, the product does not cause side effects

- When the coating composition with zinc phosphate is applied on the metal surface, a protective layer is created on the surface of the substrate, which interacting with oxygen creates phosphate complexes, protecting the metal from rusting

- Unlike organic corrosion inhibitors, the film-based coating demonstrates a lasting anti-corrosion effect


It is suitable for paints, resins, epoxy resins, polyurethanes, amino acids, acrylates, rubber. Due to low refractive power it can be used for finishing paints and primers. Easy colour bendability. Good corrosion resistance.

We can always offer you the required amount of KRONPHOS PZA, large volumes of the product are supplied at a discount

Appearance White powder
Loss on ignition 600°C, % 7,5-13
Zn content, % 35,0-40,0
PO4 content, % 40
Al content, % 4,0-5,5
Water-soluble chloride, %, max 0,025
Water-soluble sulphate, %, max 0,05
Pb content, ppm, max 10
Cd content, ppm, max 10
pH value 6-8
Density, g/cm3, min 3,3
Oil absorption, g/100g, max 40
Sieve residue (45 u m), max 0,05
Bulk density, g/cm3 0,5-0,8
Average particle size, microns 3,0-6,0

Formulators Guidelines

Solvent BornePerformance
Short Oil Alkyd
Medium oil Alkyd
Long oil Alkyd
2K Epoxy
High Solid Epoxies
Epoxy Ester
Water BornePerformance
Water reducible Alkyd
Alkyd emulsion
Epoxy Ester
2K Epoxy
Acrylics and Modified acrylics
Speciality coatingsPerformance
Wash primers
Coil Coatings
Excellent : Good : Possible : Not recommended : nr